Hull, Massachusetts


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Joanne Nardo



The Love of my life is Jake, a 2 year old Goldendoodle. He’s been loveable since we brought him home at 8 weeks but was the most stubborn dog I had ever owned. I hired trainer after trainer and none were the right fit, some were down right mean! My husband thought it was me who was being too soft – until Steph came into our lives! I swear she loves Jake as much as I do, and that made all the difference in the world! Within a week we could see an incredible difference and now, several months later he’s a different dog! She trains while hiking through the woods so the pups don’t even realize they’re being trained, just like a good teacher, she makes learning fun! Going with Steph @ Recurve K9 was the best decision we’ve ever made! 

Marisa Sweeney


Recurve K9 and Stephanie having been life changing!! Our dog, Ralphie (treeing walker coonhound), considers her to be part of the family now. We've been struggling with basic obedience and off-leash walking since we rescued Ralphie last year. We tried a few different trainers but were not fond of their approach and weren't seeing any results. Stephanie/Recurve has been able to develop a relationship with Ralphie and has him walking off-leash!! We never thought we'd get to this point. Stephanie has a commanding yet gentle approach with her clients, she is flexible, and has been a tremendous resources for us over the past few months. THANK YOU x a million!

Mickey Barry


We have had great success with Stephanie and Recurve K9! For the past two months Stephanie has been working with our rescue German Shepherd, Blackie, on numerous behavioral issues. He came to us with little obedience training and high fear aggression for runners, bikers and strangers. Walking became unenjoyable for both him and us. In a short time, Stephanie has transformed our dog's behavior and attitude. We are now enjoying off leash walks, something we never thought was going to be possible. Stephanie has a special connection with dogs, which was apparent from our first training lesson. Our dog has become more confident, obedient and enjoying a higher quality of life thanks to Stephanie's work. We cannot recommend Recurve K9 enough!  .