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"Helping dogs learn to dog and teaching people to speak the lingo."   SC

Welcome to Recurve k9!

Here at RcK9 our goal is to help dogs learn to dog and to teach people to speak the lingo! We like to give dogs the opportunity to learn how to socialize appropriately by integrating them into our group hikes. We believe in letting them learn naturally and at their own pace from their K9 teachers (safely of course). 

Please Note:

*When trying to book a service on our booking site you must first add your pet to your account.

*Proof of vaccines is not required for nail trims unless you plan on having your dog(s)  go hiking too.

Sneak Peak!

Exciting Things are Happening!

Exciting Things are Happening!

Exciting Things are Happening!


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Training Packages

Exciting Things are Happening!

Exciting Things are Happening!


We offer a variety of different packages to fit everyone's needs!

 From new puppies to trick lessons, we even have something for the nervous nellies! 

Feel free to check 'em out!

Group Hikes

Exciting Things are Happening!

Group Hikes


The off leash group hike has become an integral part of the training program here at RcK9! It does wonders for a dog's confidence & social skills. 

Daily off leash hikes with several other dogs. We'll take your dog on an adventure where they'll stretch their legs and come home exhausted!

Nail Trims

Private Training

Group Hikes


For a few years I have gone around my local towns and done nail trims in the comfort of my clients homes. 

Now you can book that service right here online!

RcK9 Gear

Private Training

Private Training


Customize your very own Recurve K9 Gear! 

If we see you wearing our gear, we might even shout you out on social media! 

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Private Training

Private Training

Private Training


Do you have something specific that you would like to work on with your dog? We can help with in-depth issues that might not have been covered in a traditional class setting. 

"Any dog of any age, can learn anything." SLC

RCK9 Crew


Stephanie Curran

Owner/Head Trainer

     I am honored and excited to be able to introduce myself! I have been a veterinary technician for over 10 years now. I have my CDT and I am an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator and Trick Dog Instructor.

     Many years ago I got my start in training through rescue. I ended up with a dog with some behavioral issues that I had to learn how to manage through trial and error. The more I read and learned, I realized that most of the dogs that  have been surrendered are in desperate need of training. So I decided to pursue certification and open Recurve K9 Training and Behavior Modification! My hope is to keep dogs from ever ending up in a shelter/rescue because of behavior issues than can be fixed with training.


Joshua Duquette

Junior Trainer

   It is my great pleasure to introduce Josh AKA my big little brother. Joshua has grown up around dogs, you might even say he's part of the pack. Living in the midst of the pit bull rescue that our mother runs (in South Carolina) he comes by his understanding of dog behavior naturally. In rescue it's not always easy, sometimes you get the dogs that are terrified and/or angry. Josh has a knack for being able to get through to some of those tough cases in a way that cannot be taught. I am thrilled to be able to teach him all that I can and to have him accompany me on this journey!


Our Philosophy

     The key to any successful relationship is communication. Our goal (and job) as trainers is to improve communication between dogs and their humans to ensure long, happy, productive relationships.

       As far as methodology, we do not focus on any one particular method. Every dog is different and so what works for one dog, may not work for another. We do not get hung up on tools. A tool is just that- a tool, everything has the potential to be misused. We strive to create a balance of structure and love. If you have questions, shoot us  an  email! 

Our Pack



This is my soul dog, I am a better trainer because of him. When I got him at 8 months old, he didn't know how to be a dog. He was fearful and aggressive-afraid of everyone and everything. He is and forever will be a work in progress but he has come so far and I am so proud of him!


Tiva and Z

Tiva (left)  is the original girl, my husband got her as a puppy and brought her to the hospital that I was working at, the rest is history! She is the smartest dog I have ever met and as a result of that, also the biggest trouble maker! 

Zarek "Z" for short (right)- my heart, the one who started it all,  whom I lost at an early age due to a brain tumor. A long time ago when I was working mostly in rescue he was dropped off by a local. We discovered that he had some behavioral issues and thus began my adventure into training. 



Or Bratty or Pork Chop or The Velvet Hippo. She goes by many names! She is the most recent addition to our pack (2015). My little traveling/work buddy, she goes with me everywhere and has not met a single person she didn't love! 



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